We have some winners and ABC Brainstorming

A great BIG thank you to everyone who entered my 400 follower giveaway and a great BIG thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who donated to my giveaway!!  Drum roll please... we have some winners!
If you won an item you will be contacted soon (if you haven't been already).

Now on to ABC Brainstorming!  This is my latest Jar Workstation.  It works well as a workstation and an early finisher activity.  Students choose a card from the jar and then brainstorm a list of words that match each letter of the alphabet for that topic.  Included are two brainstorming worksheets.  I've also included an ABC Brainstorm class chart (assembly required).  This activity comes in color or b&w. There are 42 brainstorm cards.   Below are some pictures so you can see the finished product.  I'm excited to introduce this jar to my students tomorrow!

If you'd like to take a closer look, you can check it out in my TpT Store or TN store.


  1. Yay!! I won! Jivey already emailed me and I sent her my choice from her store:) Thank you so much for hosting an awesome giveaway!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. YAY! Me too! This really made my day and I picked out FAIRYTALES Smart Cookies. My kids sure can use the practice as grammar is easily overlooked in my class.