Monday Made It

I've made lots for my classroom lately so I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It!
I've been looking forward to finishing this spice rack turned supply holder for quite some time!  It started out like this...

Now it looks like this...

My daughter drew the clip art on the iPad.  The top of the rack has flowers painted on it.  It looks so cute in my classroom!

My next two Made Its are in the same picture.  I decorated this bucket for books I want to spotlight in class.  Also, I finally caved and bought a straw dispenser for my pencils.

This year I'm giving students a scented marker for a birthday treat.  I bought a clear bucket at Hobby Lobby and added a ribbon and a Happy Birthday banner.
I also used the same digital paper to make name plates for my students.  Since I teach a 3rd/4th grade class, I made two different styles for the different grade levels.

I have one week left before it's back to work.  Hopefully I'll finish my last few Made It's in time!!

Monday Made It

I've been a little crafty this past week!
Conversation balls
We do a lot of group discussions and Socratic Seminars in my classroom.  It takes some practice to get students used to allowing others to talk and to take turns.  I want to introduce "conversation balls" (if someone can up with a better name, please let me know!!) this year.  Only the person holding the ball is allowed to speak.  The student talking will then toss the ball to the next speaker and so on.  I bought two three pack wiffle ball sets at the Dollar Tree.
Next, I spray painted a ball to match each of my table colors.

Finally, this is what I ended up with... pretty cute if you ask me!

Table Frames
I bought these white frames last year at Ikea.
Cute but kind of boring.  After I spray painted the balls, I decided to paint the frames to match.

They were very easy to spray paint.  The key is to allow them to dry between coats!  I tend to get a little impatient at times!!
I think they look much cuter this year!

Washi Tape Bookmark
I just bought some Washi tape and decided to put it to use.  I made a bookmark with a left over large paper clip that I had.
Super easy to make!

Burlap Frame
I found a few burlap frames on clearance at Wal-Mart for $4.00.  A few weeks ago I saw a burlap frame on Pinterest using clothespins.  Here's what you'll need.
First, I covered the clothespins with Washi tape and coated them with Mod Podge.  Next, I hot glued the clothespins to the burlap.  I added a photo of my oldest daughter to show you the finished product.  I'm not sure how I'll use it in my classroom?  

I hope you've enjoyed my Monday Made Its!  Head over to 4th Grade Frolics to see what others have made!!

Do you use Bloom's in the classroom?

     One of the biggest changes in my teaching this past school year was introducing Bloom's Taxonomy into my teaching.  I went from teaching first grade to teaching high ability third and fourth graders.  My split class feeds into our intermediate high ability program where Bloom's is a big part of the curriculum.  I figured the transition from elementary to intermediate would be easier if my students were already familiar with the levels.
     This past school year my team mostly used Bloom's during project time.  Students had to complete a product for each level on their chosen topic.  This forced them to dig deeper into their topic and move beyond just knowledge and understanding.  This year I want to incorporate the levels into more subject areas, especially reading.  I've been working all summer on a product that students can use during independent reading, workstations, and small group instruction.  Yesterday I finally finished with my Bloom's Taxonomy Literature/Informational Text Response Booklets.

I am so excited about this product because it gives students so many choices!  There are four different booklets for students to use depending on the type of text and whether you are using the original version of Bloom's or the revised version.  Here are a few sample pages from one of the booklets.
You can take a closer look here.  It's 50% for the next 24 hours in my TpT store!!

Monday Made It

I love summer because I finally have time to paint furniture!  There's nothing more exciting than taking an old piece of furniture and making it come alive once more!  The first piece I'm painting this summer it for my sister's birthday.  I found this end table in my mom's garage.  It belonged to my grandmother.
I forgot to take a picture before I primed it black.  After I primed it, I traced paisley designs on the top.
I like to paint colorful mismatched designs on my furniture.  I started with plain paisleys and added white dots.
Next, I added designs to each paisley.  My sister just wanted the top painted with a design.  If I was painting the table for myself, I would have added designs to the entire table.

Now I just need to  apply a clear coat of varnish and it's ready to go!
Here are a few other pieces that I plan on finishing this summer...

I'm painting this chair for a friend's daughter who just got a teaching job.
I can't wait to add these lamps to my classroom library!

I've primed this space rack that will soon hold paper clips, erasers, etc. in my classroom.  I saw the idea on Pinterest.
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