Post-it Dry Erase Surface Review

My classroom has many different areas for flexible seating. Three of those areas have tables of various sizes with dry erase contact paper on them.  These three areas are favorite areas for my students.  They love practicing math facts, vocabulary words, doodling, etc. on the tables.  The only problem is that the dry erase contact paper is a mess!

The dry-erase ink no longer erases, and students have picked at the contact paper so much that the edges are rolled up.  I'm always on the lookout for a better solution to the contact paper.  Post-it now has a dry erase surface, and I was asked by Office Supplies to review the product.
The Post-it Dry Erase Surface with Adhesive Backing comes with the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface, eraser cloth, and directions for hanging.
The first thing I noticed about the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface was how thick it was.  This is much different than the dry-erase contact paper.  I found the directions easy to follow.  Post-it suggests that two people hang the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface.  It definitely took two people to hang it!  The Surface measures 36"x24" and would be difficult to hang by yourself.  I decided to hang the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface on my classroom door because my walls are a rough cinderblock.  I was afraid this would ruin the Surface.

I placed the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface low enough for my students to be able to sit on the floor to write on it.  I was really happy with how smooth it was writing on the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface and how well all the ink erased.

Even colored dry-erase markers were completely erased from the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface.

I was definitely pleased with the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface!  My plan is to replace all of the dry-erase contact paper with the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface.  You can find the Post-it Dry Erase and other 3M products on  Shoplet also offers cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and office furniture.


One of my favorite activities to do with my students after winter break is to have them choose a word to help motivate them for the remainder of the school year.  I always choose a word with them.  Thanks to Michael Friermood we made a cute bulletin board in January to display our words.

This year my word is focus.  My life has been pulled in so many different directions lately that I've lost focus on some of the things that make me feel happy and productive.  I really need to take time for myself.  This is easier said than done!  If I don't schedule it, it is likely not to happen.  I decided that I needed to find a planner that would help organize my life.  Luck would have it that Freedom Mastery contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their Dated Deluxe 2018 Planners.  Freedom Mastery is a small start-up company dedicated to giving people beautiful tools to get back to writing, goal setting and chasing their purpose and passion.  

The planner comes in 6 different colors.  I chose the rose gold planner.  It's closer to the color below.  I'm not sure why the top picture looks so pink?  This planner is much larger than daily planners that I am used to.  It measures 7.5 X 11 and has a beautiful design on the cover.

You can read all about the planner here on their website.  There are so many amazing parts to this planner.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Directions on how to use the planner

Five sheets of stickers to use in the planner

Colorful fold-out pages to help with action steps and goal setting

 Weekly reflection pages

Monthly reflection pages

In a nutshell, this planner is amazing!  I'm very excited about using it to help me focus.  I want to make a point to schedule time in my busy schedule for daily exercise and reflection.  I also want to set goals for completing all of the products I have started for my Teachers Pay Teachers store that I just haven't had time to finish.  Stay tuned for updates on how the planner is working for me!

Freedom Mastery is offering a 10% discount if you would like to purchase one of their planners for yourself!

Markers and highlighters and pens (oh my)!

Forget the apples!  Teachers want writing utensils.  I'm always on the lookout for dry erase markers, highlighters, and pens to use in my classroom.  When Office Supplies asked me to review Expo Dual End Dry Erase Markers, Expo Magnetic Dry Erase Markers, Sharpie Clear View Highlighters, and Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens, I was more than happy to give them a try.

The Expo Dual End Dry Erase Markers are perfect for those teachers that like to use multiple colors when writing on a white board.  I love the idea of having two colors at my fingertips! This particular set comes with five different colors (green, blue, purple, red, and black).  Each marker includes black.  If you're used to using Expo markers, you'll love these!
 They include the chisel tip that the regular Expo markers include.  The markers are also low odor for those of you that have issues with the smell of markers.

The Expo Magnetic Dry Erase Markers keep the markers right where you need them!  I can't tell you how many times I write on the white board and then walk off with the marker.  I'm hoping the magnetic strip will help me to remember to stick it to the white board before I walk off.
This set includes four different colors (green, blue, red, and black) and has the familiar chisel tip.
You can see that the magnetic strip is located on the back of the marker.  The cap of these Expo markers has a built in eraser!

The Sharpie Clear View Highlighters are perfect for organization.  I use highlighters daily in my grade book and lesson plan book.  We enter all of our grades in Power School, but I still like to add them to my grade book first.  After I enter a grade on the computer, I highlight the scores to let me know what's been entered and what's not.  I also use highlighters in my lesson plan book.  I highlight lessons as they're completed, and this lets me know what needs to be carried over to the next day.
 The highlighters come in four colors (green, pink, orange, and yellow).  The clear view tip keeps you from highlighting words that aren't needed since you can see through the tip... GENIUS!

The Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pen is all about comfort!  I like this pen for two reasons.  First, it has a full body grip.  I tend to hold pens and pencils higher up on the body, so it's nice the the entire pen has a grip.  The second reason that I like the pen is for it's super smooth writing.  I generally use fine tip pens because I like the way they write.  This pen has a medium tip but writes smoothly like a fine tip.

Pentel Flexible Point Pens

I am always on the lookout for new markers to use for making anchor charts, so when asked me to review Pentel Sign Pen Brush Flexible Point Marker Pens I was excited.  

 There are 12 different colors included.  I LOVE the flexible tip on the pen.  They were very easy to write and draw with. The tip allows you to feather, cross hatch, outline, and do detailed work.
 The ink is a water-based dye.  The tip can be diluted with water which gives the ink a water color look.  I used the Pentel Water Brush to blend the ink in the letters of my poster.  As you can see I need a lot of practice with this technique!  The ink was very easy to blend though.
 Here you can see that the tip of the pen looks like a tiny paint brush.  I can't wait to use the pens on my next anchor chart at school after spring break.

You can find other Pentel productsmedical supplies,  office furniture, and cleaning supplies on

Master Caster Product Review

I was recently asked by Office Supplies to review two products from Master Caster.  I'm always excited to review products that can be used in my classroom.  I reviewed  Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels and Dual Action MicrofiberGloves.

This may seem strange, but the Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels will be a wonderful addition to my classroom.  

I recently purchased the Kallax 4x4 shelf unit from IKEA (which is now on sale for $19.99 through January 10th!).  Once school resumes in January, I'm going to put the self-adhesive wheels on the bottom of the unit.  I'll be able to move the shelf around the room where it is needed.  I'll probably keep items like iPads, etc. that are used in multiple places in my classroom.

The wheels can be applied to many different types of furniture.

Each wheel has a self-adhesive patch that adheres to most smooth surfaces.  The four wheels hold up to 250 pounds.  The 360 degree swivel action allows the wheels to move in any direction.

The Microfiber gloves are perfect for using my cell phone outdoors during our cold Indiana winters.  They'll be great to use during outdoor recess!

 You can see the fibers in the gloves that activate the touch screen.  The gloves are very soft and can be used to clean the screen as well.
 I thrilled to now have a pair of gloves that are so easy to use with my smartphone!

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Looking for a Desktop Organizer?

I was recently asked by to review the Artistic Lift-Top Pad Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay.  I was thrilled to do so because I've been looking for a pad for my work table in my office.
The desk organizer measures 19"x24" and is made from recycled materials.  It has a clear overlay to keep papers in place.

I plan on using the organizer under my paper cutter to keep from scratching my work table.  The surface is very durable and washable.  It has Metric and English rulers on the overlay.
The cushioned surface could also be used under your computer to protect your desk underneath.

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