Markers and highlighters and pens (oh my)!

Forget the apples!  Teachers want writing utensils.  I'm always on the lookout for dry erase markers, highlighters, and pens to use in my classroom.  When Office Supplies asked me to review Expo Dual End Dry Erase Markers, Expo Magnetic Dry Erase Markers, Sharpie Clear View Highlighters, and Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens, I was more than happy to give them a try.

The Expo Dual End Dry Erase Markers are perfect for those teachers that like to use multiple colors when writing on a white board.  I love the idea of having two colors at my fingertips! This particular set comes with five different colors (green, blue, purple, red, and black).  Each marker includes black.  If you're used to using Expo markers, you'll love these!
 They include the chisel tip that the regular Expo markers include.  The markers are also low odor for those of you that have issues with the smell of markers.

The Expo Magnetic Dry Erase Markers keep the markers right where you need them!  I can't tell you how many times I write on the white board and then walk off with the marker.  I'm hoping the magnetic strip will help me to remember to stick it to the white board before I walk off.
This set includes four different colors (green, blue, red, and black) and has the familiar chisel tip.
You can see that the magnetic strip is located on the back of the marker.  The cap of these Expo markers has a built in eraser!

The Sharpie Clear View Highlighters are perfect for organization.  I use highlighters daily in my grade book and lesson plan book.  We enter all of our grades in Power School, but I still like to add them to my grade book first.  After I enter a grade on the computer, I highlight the scores to let me know what's been entered and what's not.  I also use highlighters in my lesson plan book.  I highlight lessons as they're completed, and this lets me know what needs to be carried over to the next day.
 The highlighters come in four colors (green, pink, orange, and yellow).  The clear view tip keeps you from highlighting words that aren't needed since you can see through the tip... GENIUS!

The Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pen is all about comfort!  I like this pen for two reasons.  First, it has a full body grip.  I tend to hold pens and pencils higher up on the body, so it's nice the the entire pen has a grip.  The second reason that I like the pen is for it's super smooth writing.  I generally use fine tip pens because I like the way they write.  This pen has a medium tip but writes smoothly like a fine tip.

Pentel Flexible Point Pens

I am always on the lookout for new markers to use for making anchor charts, so when asked me to review Pentel Sign Pen Brush Flexible Point Marker Pens I was excited.  

 There are 12 different colors included.  I LOVE the flexible tip on the pen.  They were very easy to write and draw with. The tip allows you to feather, cross hatch, outline, and do detailed work.
 The ink is a water-based dye.  The tip can be diluted with water which gives the ink a water color look.  I used the Pentel Water Brush to blend the ink in the letters of my poster.  As you can see I need a lot of practice with this technique!  The ink was very easy to blend though.
 Here you can see that the tip of the pen looks like a tiny paint brush.  I can't wait to use the pens on my next anchor chart at school after spring break.

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Master Caster Product Review

I was recently asked by Office Supplies to review two products from Master Caster.  I'm always excited to review products that can be used in my classroom.  I reviewed  Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels and Dual Action MicrofiberGloves.

This may seem strange, but the Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels will be a wonderful addition to my classroom.  

I recently purchased the Kallax 4x4 shelf unit from IKEA (which is now on sale for $19.99 through January 10th!).  Once school resumes in January, I'm going to put the self-adhesive wheels on the bottom of the unit.  I'll be able to move the shelf around the room where it is needed.  I'll probably keep items like iPads, etc. that are used in multiple places in my classroom.

The wheels can be applied to many different types of furniture.

Each wheel has a self-adhesive patch that adheres to most smooth surfaces.  The four wheels hold up to 250 pounds.  The 360 degree swivel action allows the wheels to move in any direction.

The Microfiber gloves are perfect for using my cell phone outdoors during our cold Indiana winters.  They'll be great to use during outdoor recess!

 You can see the fibers in the gloves that activate the touch screen.  The gloves are very soft and can be used to clean the screen as well.
 I thrilled to now have a pair of gloves that are so easy to use with my smartphone!

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Looking for a Desktop Organizer?

I was recently asked by to review the Artistic Lift-Top Pad Desktop Organizer with Clear Overlay.  I was thrilled to do so because I've been looking for a pad for my work table in my office.
The desk organizer measures 19"x24" and is made from recycled materials.  It has a clear overlay to keep papers in place.

I plan on using the organizer under my paper cutter to keep from scratching my work table.  The surface is very durable and washable.  It has Metric and English rulers on the overlay.
The cushioned surface could also be used under your computer to protect your desk underneath.

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Heavy Duty Hole Punch

I was recently asked by Office Supplies to review the Master DUO Heavy-Duty Hole Puncher.  
When they say heavy duty, they mean it!  This is a very sturdy hole puncher.  It has the option of two hole punches or three hole punches depending on the side you insert the paper.
The hole puncher punches up to 20 sheets of paper at a time, and it very easy to use.  I've used hole punches where I've had to put my entire body weight on the machine to get it to punch through multiple sheets.  One push with the palm of my hand operated the hole punch.

The hole punch has a removable plastic chip tray that collects all of the chips and also provides a non-skid base for the hole punch.

I plan on using the hole punch on student brag tags.  Hopefully it will allow me to punch multiple tags at once.  It gets very tiresome punching each individual tag with my hand held punch!!
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B2S Office Supplies

 There are lots of reasons that I look forward to back to school time.  I love the fresh start of a new school year and seeing new faces.  I look forward to getting my classroom ready to welcome those new faces.  And like most teachers and students I also love getting new school supplies!  When Office Supplies asked me to review products from Sharpie and Paper-Mate, I was thrilled to do so!

I reviewed Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers, Paper-Mate Effortless Glide Ballpoint Pens, Paper-Mate Easy to Hold Mechanical Pencils, and Paper-Mate Liquid Paper DryLine Grip Correction Tape.

I'm a huge fan of any Sharpie Markers.  They never disappoint!  I love using their fine tip markers when I'm grading.  My students love seeing the different colors that I use.  The Electro Pop colors are soft but vibrant.  I'm happy to add them to my Sharpie collection!

My plan book is going to look nice and bright with all the colors of the Paper-Mate Gel pens.  The pens are comfortable to grip and glide easily across the page.  I didn't have any problems with the ink smearing as I wrote in my plan book.  Overall these are great multipurpose pens!

There are so many things I love about these pencils!  First of all, let's just talk about the colors.  These pencils match the colors I've chosen for my classroom this year- perfectly!  Colors aside, I love the thickness of these pencils.  Both the body of the pencil is thick and the 1.3 mm lead is thick.  This keeps the lead from constantly breaking.  The pencils are refillable too!  My only con is that the eraser isn't very sturdy while erasing.  I held the pencil at the end instead of the shaft for fear it might fall off the pencil.  This seemed to help. 

I'm often reluctant to use pens when writing out my actual plans in my plan book (unless I'm using Fixion pens) for fear of constant mistakes.  The Paper-Mate Correction Tape will help alleviate those fears.  The correction tape glides easily across the page and is easy to control.  I love using tape much more than liquid because there is no drying time needed.  This tape is a must have if you're using pens in your plan book!

Back to School Goodies for the Back to School Sale!

August 1st is the Black Friday of the teaching world!  I've been waiting for weeks for the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale.  My cart is overflowing!  In case you are looking for some back to school products to purchase during the sale, I thought I would show you some of the popular B2S items in my store that will be on sale for 20% off Monday and Tuesday.

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