Fun products from

I was recently asked to review a few fun products from Office Supplies.

These two products will definitely have a place in my classroom!  The Big Stacker Inbox works great for holding papers that need to be graded!  I love that fact that it has built in handles.  I can grab it and go!  It's extra deep which means it can hold a lot of papers.

The Compact Suggestion Box will be great for so many activities!  I know I'll use it next year during the presidential election or any other time we need to take a class vote on something.  My students will think it's so official!  I may use it as a compliment box, too!  I love that it can hold full size papers in the back.    Check back later to see the suggestion box decorated and in use!

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Activities for early finishers with a December Holidays theme

What better way to keep early finishers busy in December than Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzza activities.  My December Holidays Early Finishers Jar has 27 activity cards for each holiday.  The activities are easy enough for students to do without teacher instruction.  You can take a closer look at my December Holidays Early Finishers Jar in my TpT store.