A quick freebie for classroom management

My students are enjoying "Lend a Hand" to Learning for Reading Comprehension so much that I decided to make a "Hand" for classroom management.  The "Hand" can be used in a time-out area or taken to their seat.  When students are having a problem they are asked to "Take Five" to help them cool down.  During this time they answer the five questions on the back of the hand:
1. What was the problem?
2. What was my reaction?
3. What could I have done differently?
4. How has my attitude changed?
5. Am I ready to return?

Hopefully by the time they have written their answers to the questions they've had a chance to cool down!  Head over to my TpT store or TN store and download it for FREE!!


  1. Great idea! Thank you! That is much better than having them sit there for a few minutes doing nothing.

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!