Five for Friday

Friday, already?  I don't say that often but this has been a super fast week!  We had Monday off for President's Day.  Today we didn't have students due to teacher records day, so of course we had an ice storm last night.  All the other schools in the county were closed due to the storm.  I'm not sure if that was good karma because we won't have to make up the snow day or bad karma because it was the first opportunity for a snow day in over two years and we didn't have kids anyway??
Regardless, Friday is Friday and I'm happy to be linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!
1. I went on a little shopping spree recently to The Dollar Tree!  I love that store, you never know what you're going to find.  Here are the bargains from my latest trip...
First off, I don't need these.  However who could say no to the color combination or plastic!  I love containers!  I will probably switch my book baskets in my classroom library next school year with these cuties but I'm not sure what I'll do with the sandwich containers.  The cute little soap boxes have already found a purpose!
They are the perfect size for a deck of cards for math games and...
look at these CUTE little dominos I found at The Dollar Tree as well.  They are the size of a paper clip!  Have you ever seen anything so cute???
I also found a pair of foam dice, some "read between the lines" glasses and the sweet little finger spy eyes I saw on a blog early this week (sorry I can't remember who blogged about them).

2. Last Saturday I went to a wonderful test prep inservice that was put on by Smekens Education Solutions (check them out here, you'll be glad you did).  It was the best $10 I've spent in a while.  The inservice lasted an hour and a half and was full of great ideas for reading and writing test strategies for students.  Our state test (ISTEP) is in less than two weeks and I learned some great ideas for helping students!  Here are some anchor charts that I made for my classroom this week.

3. This week I had a break through!  You may be thinking DUH!  but I was thinking A-HA!!  I learned how to bundle products into a zip file!  I've been wanting to bundle some of my items for TpT but had no idea how to do it.  I found out how on a TpT forum.  (If you are a TpT seller and have never gone on their forums, go now!  There is a wealth of information!)  I now have my four Gumball Math Workstations bundle in my stores.  Buyers can save $6.00 by purchasing the bundle instead of each individual packet.  Yippee!

4. On Tuesday evening something happened that I never thought I would happen.  My oldest daughter had her first orientation for high school in the fall.  I can't believe my baby is going to be a freshman in high school!  How is it possible that she can go from this

to this overnight??

5. This weekend I get to have my nails done and dress up!  Each February my husband and I go with a group of friends to a Red Dress Ball.  It's always a great time because we love spending time with friends and I love dressing up!!  Here is the dress I'll be wearing.
(If I don't look too hideous, I'll post pics later this weekend)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. LOVE that dress! Have fun and do share a picture. I am sure you'll look amazing.
    My Second Sense

  2. Awesome dollar tree finds!! Your daughter is so pretty! I just teared up thinking about how my baby is growing up too fast as well. I chaperoned her first field trip today and as I watched how much fun she was having on the school bus, I thought to myself, how is it possible that she's gotten this big so quickly? Time surely flies. Enjoy these next four years. I hope time slows down a bit for you.
    PS... have fun with your red dress, hubby, and friends!! =)
    Sister Teachers

  3. I love your dollar store finds...I think I need to go!!! Have fun at your event!

  4. Beautiful dress! Kids grow up too fast. My oldest is in kindergarten and I swear I just had her!! I went to dollar tree this week too. They were out of the finger spies at mine. Boo! I want to go back and get some soap dishes. Perfect size for small things.

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  5. What amazing dollar store finds - I often go in there for one item and come out with a cart-load!

    A Red Dress Ball - what a fun tradition!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

    Joy in the Journey

  6. Oh dear, now I have to go to the Dollar Tree first thing tomorrow- those blue soap containers have my name on them! And I am glad I'm not the only bin-hoarder out there. I have a whole bunch of them in a stack that have no use yet... but you never know ;) Your daughter is lovely and that dress is to die for! Don't you just love getting all snazzied up? Have fun!!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  7. Thanks for sharing your Dollar Tree finds. Those large tubs would make great book bins. It has inspired us to take a trip there soon!

    :) Tamra and Sarah

  8. We are in the same boat. My son will be starting high school this fall too. I am amazed and a little sad at the growing up process. I hope all goes well for you.

  9. LOVE the Dollar Tree finds! Looks like the conference you went to was full of great and applicable information. Thanks for sharing. We are your newest follower! Cute blog!

  10. I'm so impressed with all you Dollar Tree finds! Those are the colors in my room right now. I just might have to take a trip over there!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  11. My son is a freshman too and my oldest is in college! It is amazing how time flies!

  12. Luckily we don't have Dollar Trees in Hawaii, or I would be even more broke!! Your daughter is beautiful. Mine are 10 and 8 and I am hoping they grow up as slowly as possible!! I am extremely envious or your gorgeous red dress and event. Sound like a lot of fun!

    Surfin' Through Second

  13. Aimme - that dress! Amazing :) You'll look fantastic.

    Well, have to head to Dollar Tree. You have shared too many awesome things :) Enjoy your weekend.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  14. I love those containers. I never NEED anything when I go shopping, I buy it because I WANT it, lol.

    The First Grade Princess