Activities for Multiplication and Division

My math workstations are in trouble!  Over the last two weeks I've noticed the noise level in my classroom and off task behavior during math workstations were increasing.  Students claimed to be bored with some of the activity choices.  I decided to come up with a few themed activities that they could do for multiplication and division.  They have 4 stations each day as I work with individuals or small groups.  Their stations are technology (computer, iPod or iPad), math facts, games and a number of the day activity (which they despise!).  I bought the cutest gumball machine clip art from Melonheadz a few weeks ago so I decided to use that as my theme.  Here is what I came up with...

Game- Students choose a gumball machine and try to match the multiplication or division fact with the answer.  There are several games that can be played with one or multiple gumball machines.  Students can use a sand time to see how long it takes to complete the machine.  Another choice is to roll dice, find the gumball with the matching fact and find its answer.  The first person to complete their machine wins the game.  Students are coming up with new games to play each day!
Math Facts- There are one minute timed fact tests for each factor.  As students complete a factor with 100% correct in one minute they get to color in the corresponding gumball for that factor.
Worksheets- There are 3 worksheets for each operation.  Students write the answer in the gumball then color it according to the key.
Here is a preview for each packet

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Hopefully this will keep them busy for a few day!!

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  1. Ewwwww.... I need to go get this! So cute!