Stomach flu, gas leak and fact or opinion

What do the stomach flu, gas leak and fact or opinion have to do with each other?  That was my day!!  I started feeling sick during the school day yesterday but stuck it out until the kids left.  I was really hoping it was all in my head.  No such luck!  I finally gave in, got a sub for today and went in to school last night at 9:00 pm.  (Possibly the worst thing ever... making sub plans while being sooo nauseous!)  Fast forward to this morning, my phone rings bright and early and it's the principal letting everyone know that there was a gas leak by our school so we were closed for the day.  What are the chances??  However, I am thrilled that I don't have to use my sick day or have to reel the kids back after a sub!  I am feeling much better and was able to finish the Fact or Opinion Jar that I've been working on for a while.  Each week my students have a different comprehension skill and strategy that they practice/review (we do Pearson Reading Street).  I hate that we are constantly switching concepts!  For this reason I decided to make work station jars for the skills/strategies that kids have the hardest time with so they could work on them for more than one week at a time.
Students will have this to look forward to on Monday.  I love adding a new activity to workstations!  I have the packet listed in my TpT store and TN store if you would like to have a look.  Here is the preview of everything in the packet.

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