Standardize Testing Question!! HELP!

In less than two months my 3rd graders will be taking our state's standardize test (ISTEP) for the first time.  It will be my first time giving the test!  My question is... how do you help your students prepare for standardized testing.  Of course, I hope that the near 100 days we've spent together will be preparation enough but I'm just not sure!  I believe that test taking is a genre itself.  I'm now rambling and my face looks like this...
I would appreciate any help, suggestions, resources, etc. that you think might help!!  Thanks so much!


  1. Hey friend, we've always downloaded the CA State Test Release Questions. Try it for your state. They are old tests you can print off to practice with your kids. These will tell you better than anything else, what your sweet babes will need or already know!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. I teach my kids good test taking skills through out the year such as always read all the answers, go back and find evidence that the answer they chose is correct, eliminate the answers they know are wrong. You're right, test taking is a genre in itself. I also print our the release questions and I play a racing game with my students. I made a race track 9just out of butcher paper. If you're lucky enough to have a smart board they probably have something like this) and each student gets a car. We just go through the questions, but the kids get to move their car around the track when they get the answers right and they love it!