Fluency redo and a great giveaway!

Do....you....have....students....in....your.....class....who..... need....to....work....on....fluency?  I do!  We work on phrasing during guided reading groups and then I send students back to their seats with a Phrase Jar and a sand timer.  Students love playing this game, something about timing yourself that makes anything fun!  When I first opened my TPT/TN stores last summer I made three Phrase Jar packets.  These worked fine but weren't very exciting so I decided to give my Phrase Jars a make-over and combine them into one product.

I had to get out my medium jars for this activity.  It has 200+ phrase cards in it so the smaller jars didn't quite work.  You can check out the preview below or head over to my TpT store or TN store to  see it.

Also, Olivia at Liv to Teach is having a huge 1,000 Followers on TpT giveaway!  She has a total of 5 giveaway packages.  Head over to her blog to enter!

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