Cutest little jar ever!

You may (or may not) know that I love using workstation jars in my classroom!  They don't take up much space, are portable, can be taken back to desks, and are fun!!  I usually get the same size plastic jar for each workstation.  The jars I usually get from The Dollar Tree are average size and work well for most stations.  However, some of the workstations do not require an average size jar.  Problem solved!!  I was back at The Dollar Tree the other day and found these mini plastic jars!!
You can see the average size jar containing my Voice Jar (a freebie at either of my stores).  The workstation comes with 12 voice cards.  There's a lot of empty space in that jar!  Obviously the jar on the left is much smaller and would be a much better size for this workstation.  You can purchase the mini jar in the store or online.  If you are interested in using workstation jars in your classroom, feel free to stop by either my TpT store or TN store to preview each.  Currently I have a Voice Jar, 3 Phrase Jars and 11 Number Jars listed.  I am working on a Prompt Jar, Book Talk Jar, Silly Sentence Jar and Word Jar.

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