Interactive Math Notebooks and a Halloween Sale

I'm having so much fun making Interactive Math Notebook topics and my students are really enjoying them (and learning as well)!  I just finished two more topics, Adding and Subtracting Multiple Digit Numbers and Meanings of Multiplication.

The following flip books are include with this topic: Adding Using Expanded Algorithms, Adding Using Place Value Models, Adding With Regrouping, Subtracting Using Expanded Algorithms, Subtracting Using Place Value Models, Subtracting With Regrouping, and How to Solve Addition or Subtraction Story Problems.  You can take a closer look here.

The following flip books are included with this topic: Multiplication Vocabulary Words, Multiplying Using Repeated Addition, Multiplying Using Arrays, Properties of Multiplication, and How to Solve a Multiplication Story Problem.  You can take a closer look here.
Stay tuned for many more topics to come!
Also, I'm having a Halloween sale at my TpT store!  You can save 15% off everything October 30th and 31st!


  1. These are awesome! We use Pearson too and I've been looking for something to go along with my lessons. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I've been teaching Pearson for several years now. I like the program but felt like I needed a little something more to help students with concepts.