I think I can, I think I can...

Only two more days until Fall Break!!  Nice, huh!  Except for the fact that I have 14 parent/teacher conferences tomorrow.  I'm not sure who decided it would be a good idea to fit an entire class of conferences into two days!
What math series does your school system use?  We use Envision Math from Pearson.  I've been working on flip books for each topic that help students learn all the vocabulary words.  So far I've finished two of the topics and am working on a third.  My plan is to offer all 16 topics in an Interactive Math Notebook but right now they can be purchased individually.  Here is a preview of the two I've finished.
My students are really enjoying the flip books.  It's much more fun that copying down all those vocabulary words from the board!!


  1. Awesome! We use Pearson too. These will be perfect for next year!

  2. At least you have two days...we get ONE day to do conferences! The first year I actually tried to do them all and by the end I was a zombie! Now I ask if parents would like to come either before or after school on a regular day.