Let's Talk About Me

Today was the first day of school and I am exhausted!!  It was a great day, probably the best first day E.V.E.R.!!  I'm so ready for bed but wanted to join the Meet the Teacher fun before I go!  Here are 10 fun things about me...

1. I am a closet Elvis lover!  I grew up listening to Elvis music and movies.  Probably my all time favorite Elvis song is Suspicious Minds.  I was able to go visit Graceland for the first time last summer.  It was amazing!  Here is a picture of Elvis and me.

2. Running a marathon was on my bucket list.  I began training in 2010, ran my first marathon in 2011, ran my second marathon in 2012, and haven't been running since.  How crazy is that!

3.  I live in the house where my husband grew up. We purchased it from his parents five years ago.  It's a beautiful house and has lots of personality but takes way too much time to clean!

4. I have the best girlfriends!  Here is a picture of our last girls weekend in Tennessee.  None of them are teachers, so they don't quite get the whole "don't plan on seeing or talking to me during the month of August" thing.  However, they are very patient and know that when September rolls around I'm back to my normal self again!

5. Today my oldest daughter started high school!!  It doesn't seem possible.  My youngest daughter is now a 7th grader in the same school where I teach.  Here is their first day of school picture.
Sorry about the quality of the photo... my husband took it on his cell phone.

6.  This is my 20th year teaching.  Crazy considering I'm only 29.  It seems like yesterday when I was one of the young teachers and 20 years of teaching didn't even seem feasible!

7.  My husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary next year.  Here is a picture of him with our daughters.  I would show a picture of us together but unfortunately I'm always the one taking the pictures...

8. I love to change my hair color.  My oldest daughter is a blonde and my youngest is a brunette.  I try to give their hair colors equal time on my head.  Right now I'm a blonde.

9. My sister and I are 15 months apart.  She's a teacher too.  We fought like crazy growing up (sorry mom!) but now she's my best friend!  We recently celebrated my mom's 70th birthday (sorry mom!).  This is a picture of us at Wine and Canvas.

10. My 25th high school reunion is next month.  Crazy considering I'm only 29!  I'm looking forward to seeing classmates that I haven't seen in years.

If you're still with me, THANKS!!  Hope this helps you learn a little more about the person behind the blog.


  1. Holy cow you do not look old enough to be out of HS for 25 years! Glad you had a great first day back!

  2. Your house is beautiful! I agree with Sara. You also do not look old enough to have a high school-er. Enjoy the beginning of your school year.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  3. Closet Elvis fan? Toooo funny... I wonder if I saw you in MEmphis last summer. Did you swing by Vernon's house? We own that house and rent it out and had 2 really fun events there last summer... really a small world. I grew up in East Tennessee so you are definitely in my favorite part of the world!!

    Hope school is going great... we start in a week!! Loving my last few days.