Too Much Glue

Every time I choose a read aloud I know I have to get the most bang for my buck.  Gone are the days of reading books to students for pleasure.  The books have to align to this standard or that!   I know most of you probably have your go-to list for certain topics and skills.  I'm always on the look out for a new book to help me teach writing.  I was asked recently to review Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre. Instantly I knew I had found a new book to add to my go-to list!
There are so many writing traits that can be taught through this book.  The story is about a little boy who uses too much glue in his art class, even after his teacher has warned the class.  Everyone tries to help Matty out of his sticky situation!  Matty learns his lesson in the end... or does he?
When I read this book to my students, I will focus on Lefebvre's use of word choice and voice.
Above are several pages from the book that show good examples of these two traits.  Big and bold words are used throughout the story.  As new solutions are used to help Matty out of his sticky situation, come back lines are used over and over again with a new first line added each time.  Lefebvre also uses "dot, dot, dot" (as my students like to say) to build suspense in the story.  Students will love this book!  Not only will they learn something by listening to it, they will enjoy the story and illustrations as well!


  1. What an adorable book. I'm going to need to pick up a copy for myself!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I almost bought this on Amazon...2 minutes ago. I guess I need to go back and make more use of my prime account :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  3. After I read your post, I went over to Amazon to add it to my shopping bag. I noticed that a lot of parents had commented that their children really wanted to draw the characters. My teacher light bulb went off and I thought, "I must have this for visualizations!"

    Thanks for recommending it!

    Mrs O Knows

  4. Aimee, this book looks awesome!! I'm definitely going to look into getting it! :)

    All Things Apple in 2nd

  5. I think this might be the book a teacher-friend was sharing with me just the other night. It sounded cute but now I know it is. Thanks for sharing how you will use it. It looks like there are some great examples of word choice and voice.
    Antoinette :)

  6. Alright! That's it! I MUST have this book! Thanks for talking me into it! :)
    A Pirates Life for Us