Made It Monday

I finally accomplished something off my to do list!!  Early this year my husband took out our wall oven and range and replaced it with an freestanding range.  This little remodel left us with a gaping hole where the wall oven used to be.  After months and months of trying to decide what to do with the whole, this is what we came up with...
My husband built some shelves for the inside and this chalkboard cabinet door for the outside.  I think it turned out great and cost less than $100!  I'm hoping the menu side with encourage me to cook!  But I'm sure it soon be filled with "take out" or "every man for himself".

Today my youngest daughter left for England for ten days!  I'm excited for her but I know I will be a nervous wreck the entire time!!  Her soccer team will be training in Saint Albans and playing in tournaments.
 Her team at the airport
Her best friend is on her team

I didn't get to take her to the airport because my oldest daughter was in a photo shoot for her dance studio.  She's excited to be an only child for the next ten days!!

I'm hopping to work in my classroom this week to keep my mind busy.  I don't yet have a key to the building (which is driving me crazy!!).
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  1. I love the menu board! Such a great idea, I especially love the fact that it is also storage. I miss having enough cabinet space. :)

  2. Great menu board.

    I don't know that I could have put my daughter on a plane and let her're a good Mama! She'll make amazing memories!


  3. That cabinet with the chalkboard cover is amazing!!

  4. Your menu board is quite creative and cute!
    I am jealous of your daughter! lol
    I wish I was going to England for 10 days.
    I like non-teacher posts from time-to-time.
    How else do we get to know the person behind the blog?
    Good luck with your nerves.
    Keeping busy is always a good idea!

  5. What a neat opportunity for your daughter!!! I get how you're feeling though:/ I all but needed to be put in a padded room when my daughter left for college!! I was a mess:( Love the chalkboard your hubs made:) Looks awesome!

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Love your board. It's so fun! What a wonderful experience for your daughter.

  7. What a great idea with the use of your space! It looks great!

  8. Instead of "every man for himself", you can surprise the fam with "yoyo dinner".

    Yoyo = your on your own!

    It certainly is my favorite menu item, except the clean-up.