Math Mats for grades 3-5 (freebie for a short time!)

Happy Monday!  Only 3 left in this school year!  However, I can't get excited about the end of the school year until state testing is over this week.  Our state test comes in two phases.  The first phase was back in March.  It was the written application in math, reading and writing.  This phase is on the computer.  You can only imagine what happened today when an entire state of 3rd-8th grade students tried to log on to the test.  Yep... computers crashed, froze, etc.  My students don't take their first test until tomorrow.  That is if they can figure out the computer issue.  Can't believe someone didn't see this one coming!!

One way I help students review math concepts that I've taught is through workstation activities.  I love workstation time because I can differentiate and work with small groups.  Not all students have to working on the same concepts.  I try to change the stations with each math topic but like to have a few activities that are always available for students.  This is why I came up with Math Mats.  I made a primary set last week for a first grade teacher in my building.  This weekend I spent hours making mats for grades 3-5.  The mats are aligned with the Common Core Standards. Some of the topics that are reviewed are basic operations, factors, multiples, fractions, estimating, rounding, money and many more.  There is a total of 31 different mats from which students can choose.
When laminated, the mats are dry erase boards for students to use over and over.  If you would like to check out Math Mats, you can see them at my TpT store and TN store.
Of course you can get it for free for the next 15 minutes at my TpT store.  Please just leave feedback to let me know what you think.  I would also love it if you would pin it!!  Thanks so much!


  1. Must have just missed it...not sure how!

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    1. Figured it out...the first time around I clicked the last link, which is for a different product!

      Got it...thank you!

  3. SO glad I got this one. I missed the k-2, I added that one to my wishlist. I will tuck this away someplace safe for my kiddos when they get to these concepts.

    Thank you for your hard work! Happy to follow you!
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  4. Love the workmats!!! I've pinned it and it's on my wishlist, just waitin' for payday :)

    Third Grade & Lovin\' It

  5. Darn it - just missed these! I love the idea! I will have to just add them to my wishlist! :)