Time to start thinking about the end of the school year (and a FREEEBIE!)

I don't know about you but it seems like the school year flies by as soon as we get back from spring break.  Our spring break begins tomorrow at 2:40 (YIPPEE!!).  I've been planning my workstations for the last two months of school.  My writing prompts have been printed, cut and laminated!  They are ready to go!  I just listed them along with my Back to School Writing Prompts.  Here's a little peak at each one...
 You can see the preview here (TpT) or here (TN)

  You can see the preview here (TpT) or here (TN)

I have the bundled set listed as well for a savings of $2.00!
The End of the School Year Writing Prompts are FREE for the next 15 minutes!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing, sweetness!


  2. My spring break just began today! And I agree with you, the school year is going to go fast now. :)
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