A very productive snow day!

It finally happened!  We had our first snow day in two years! I had a very productive day today!
I finished my latest product.  I've been trying to think of an activity to keep students engaged during workstations and after their other work is finished.  Here it is...
It's a Book Detective Jar!  The jar has 48 "clue cards" that use trade books to support ELA Common Core Standards.  Students pull a clue out of the jar and then look through their book (picture or chapter) to find the "clue".  The clues fit standards from the Common Core 1st-5th grade ELA.  Not all 48 clue cards have to be used at the same time.  I can add or remove cards as I see fit.  I included a worksheet for students to complete.  They must include their clue # on the clipboard and then write the evidence found in the book.  I think my students will have fun with this jar and it will keep them busy for quite some time since it can be used with any trade book! It's in my TpT store if you would like to see the preview.

You can see above how pretty the snow was this morning.  I had to brave the snow to go to school and get my laminator.  I really need to break down and get one for home.  That thing travels back and forth from school to home as much as my school bag!!

It is also my husband's birthday (wasn't he lucky to have his family at home with him on his birthday).  He isn't a fan of cake so I made his favorite cookies for him- butterscotch chip!
All in all it was a very productive day but I'm ready to go back tomorrow so we can get the first portion of state testing out of the way!!


  1. Is that Book Detective activity in a shop somewhere?

  2. So sorry! Forgot to link it to my TpT store! I updated the post and included a link. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  3. Hooray for a productive day! I had to take the day off Monday for a dr. appt in the middle of the day and I thought, "oh I'll get so much done!!" The only thing done that morning was staring at the back of my eyelids...... :-P
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  5. Yay, you! I'm afraid I wasn't as productive as you with my snow day. I did finish a freebie, clean the kitchen & wash dishes...but I'm afraid I spent a great deal of my time blog hopping. Oh well....that IS PD....right?

    Primary Inspired

    1. That's right! I'm sure you got lots of great information that you can use in your classroom!

  6. I am glad you were so productive on your snow day! Sounds like it was perfect for your husband's birthday. I have never had butterscotch cookies. Those look delicious. You have to share the recipe!

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  7. I love having a laminator at home as well as at school!

    Christina :)
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  8. Hello! I am your newest follower. I found you on the Blog By State Linky. I am also a Teacher Blogger from Indiana! I am looking forward to reading your ideas and possibly even working together in the future.

    Heather Salsman
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