Bright Ideas: Using a Paper Towel Holder in the Classroom

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I have O.C.D. (Organized Classroom Disorder)!  I like everything to have its place and things to be tidy.  One of the hardest teaching tools to find a place for are anchor charts.  I make anchor charts for every subject.  Some anchor charts are on chart paper, and others are made on Power Point slides to display on the Smart Board.  I like to keep anchor charts available for students to use as a resource throughout the year.  Unfortunately, anchor charts can quickly take over a classroom.  This is where the paper towel holder comes into play.  It makes a perfect mini anchor chart holder!  Here's how:
1.  Purchase a wooden paper towel holder, loose-leaf rings, cardstock, and three hole paper protectors
2.  Decorate your paper towel holder.  This step is optional.  I just like to paint everything!
3.  Add cardstock to each paper protector for stability.  Place loose-leaf rings through each hole in your paper protectors.  Remove the middle piece of the holder and slide the rings on before screwing it back onto the base.
4.  Insert mini anchor charts into the paper protectors.  Students can flip through the charts to find the one they need.
If you want to allow anchor charts to be removed for students to take to their seats, use three hole pocket dividers instead of paper protectors.

I hope you find this organizer to be useful in your classroom!  For more bright ideas from other bloggers, please browse through the link-up below!  Thanks for visiting! 


  1. Great idea."If it's not alive, paint it!" Jayne
    Smart Kids

  2. This is a great idea!!!! Definitely on my "to do " list for this summer! :) Pinning it!

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. LOVE this...thanks for sharing!!

  4. I can see this being useful for so many things! (memos, professional growth plans, curriculum charts, etc)