Do you use Bloom's in the classroom?

     One of the biggest changes in my teaching this past school year was introducing Bloom's Taxonomy into my teaching.  I went from teaching first grade to teaching high ability third and fourth graders.  My split class feeds into our intermediate high ability program where Bloom's is a big part of the curriculum.  I figured the transition from elementary to intermediate would be easier if my students were already familiar with the levels.
     This past school year my team mostly used Bloom's during project time.  Students had to complete a product for each level on their chosen topic.  This forced them to dig deeper into their topic and move beyond just knowledge and understanding.  This year I want to incorporate the levels into more subject areas, especially reading.  I've been working all summer on a product that students can use during independent reading, workstations, and small group instruction.  Yesterday I finally finished with my Bloom's Taxonomy Literature/Informational Text Response Booklets.

I am so excited about this product because it gives students so many choices!  There are four different booklets for students to use depending on the type of text and whether you are using the original version of Bloom's or the revised version.  Here are a few sample pages from one of the booklets.
You can take a closer look here.  It's 50% for the next 24 hours in my TpT store!!

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