What do you use in your writing workstation?

I love teaching writing (most of the time)!  I love watching students take a writing craft and use it with their own topic.  Writing workshop is a "sky's the limit" time in my classroom.  However, I realize that prompt writing also plays an important role in the writing process (especially during standardize testing time).  My students write to prompts during their writing workstation time in my classroom.  I have lots of jar resources available to them for every season, holiday and writing type.  A few days ago I made a new writing prompt jar for the fall.  My A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Jar has 50 photo prompts for which students can infer and write.

This jar gives students the freedom to come up with their own ideas even though they must stick to a specific topic.  I can't wait to see what they come up with next school year.  You can take a closer look here.  Happy writing!!