February Currently, Story on a String and a Giveaway

Yay, it's February!  I don't know if it's a teacher thing but I love a new month.  I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy It's 4th Grade for her February Currently.
Listening... to Days of Our Lives.  I don't even like soap operas but that's what a snow day will do to you!

Loving... my comfy snow day outfit.  My oversized turtleneck, sweatpants, and slippers are getting a workout this winter!  We are on snow day #8!

Thinking... we will be in school until the middle of June with all the days we've missed.  Our original last day was May 23rd.  I don't even know when it will be now but I'm sure it will be in June.

Wanting... to get organized!  I have the winter blues.  Everything in my classroom is a mess.  I'm ready to buy some new plastic organizers and do some spring cleaning!!

Needing... to do our taxes.  I've always used Turbo Tax online to do our taxes without any problem.  This is my first year making an income on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I'm a little nervous about doing them correctly and owing lots of money!  My husband is having a fit!

2 truths and a fib... If you know me at all, this one is very easy to figure out!  I cannot carry a tune in a bucket!  I wish I could sing but I can't!  I can however run.  My third marathon is coming up on May 24th.  I love to paint furniture.  I just bought a wooden rotating spice rack so I can paint it for my classroom.  I'll post pictures when I finish!

Now for the giveaway!  I just finished a fun product for a fellow teacher.  It's called Story on a String.  It's a comprehension retelling activity.  Students choose a circle from a jar or flip through the circle cards on a ring.

You can take a closer look at my Story on a String by clicking here or you can Pin it, to Win it!  I will be choosing one winner tomorrow evening.  To enter to win a Story on a String, simply pin one of the pictures above and leave your link in a comment below along with your email address!  Good luck!


  1. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/222013456604720682/


  2. I watch Days of Our Lives every day when I get home from work! haha :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    The Elementary Life

  3. Wow! Snow day #8? That's crazy. But, it's nice to have a comfy day. Isn't it? Love this activity!

    1. Oh, and I pinned it for when I start teaching reading again ;)

  4. Clever idea! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/327285097892645192/
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. This looks awesome! I would love a copy!


  6. OH NO!! To being in school forever....hopefully you Spring comes sooner!!
    -Lovely Nina

  7. How funny to see "We'll be in school until the middle of June"! That's when we normally get out, and we've been complaining about fears of going until July. Eek!! This snow is starting to become a big problem...

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  8. Snow!!! We are on snow day #13! We will never have a summer vacation.

  9. This looks so cute! Here's my pin: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/390054017699137040/