Need some help with morning work?

I've tried a quite a few bell ringer/morning work activities this school year and nothing seemed to be working.  Most activities were either too easy, too hard, not engaging or left me with extra work to grade.  I decided over break to come up with my own morning work based on our reading series, Reading Street by Pearson.

The Daily Grind was born!
I started with the January edition.  Each day has a different theme...
The Daily Grind can be shown on a Smart Board or you can print them (two to a sheet to cut back on ink and paper).

I will be making The Daily Grind for each month so stay tuned for February's edition.  You can take a look at the preview here!


  1. I too am having trouble with a good morning routine. Unfortunately I do not use Reading Street. How much time do you give your students in the morning?

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