End of the Year Gifts

School ended on Thursday and I packed up my classroom on Friday.  165 boxes later and I am finished!  I swear my "stuff" multiplied over the school year!  I won't get into move to my new classroom in my new school until right before school begins.  I guess this is a good thing because it forces me to enjoy summer and focus on some things that need to get done around the house!
I thought I would share pictures of the end of the school year gifts that I gave my students (both ideas came from Pinterest).
I loved the idea of the gummy worms and thought the large paper clip book marks were adorable.  Both gifts were something fun to remind students to read over the summer.  They seemed pretty happy with them!
I thought I would leave you today with a picture of the mug I just gave may husband.  Moby truly is this man's best friend!!
He is a bit spoiled!!
I'll be back tomorrow with two new products that I've finished and my summer bucket list!  Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!