How do you plan for a substitute teacher?

The dreaded day has finally come!   Tuesday I will be in training all day and will have a substitute teacher.  I hate being out of the classroom not just because I miss my students but also because I hate making sub plans!  I know what it's like to be a substitute teacher in a classroom with poor sub plans.  It is for this reason that my plans take me hours to prepare.  I try to keep the day as normal as possible.  I purchased Amanda Nickerson's Sub Tub.  This has been a life saver for getting things ready!
Do you do any special preparations for having a substitute teacher in your classroom?  How do you encourage your students to behave for the sub?


  1. I hate being out--it seems like more work than when I am in school. Every year I create a step by step lesson plan lay out of my entire day. I type it up in a narrative format, so there is no confusion. If I'm out, it's usually because my kids are sick, so I go in early and set everything up for my sub. I also have 3 days worth of emergency plans, just in case I can't make it in before the start of my day to set everything up. (that is a school requirement) it's complete with copies, read alouds, and graphic organizers.

  2. Ugh..I am out on Tuesday as well. I usually try to keep everything as normal as possible as well! I have a form on my computer that I cut and paste new plans into. I am also in Indiana and have to work until Wednesday as well! Good luck!
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  3. Back in the day....I LOVED having a sub...because of the chaos!! luckily, YOU weren't my teacher. I finally found you! LOVE LOVE LOVE the spot! Congrats!