Our book character costumes revealed

I'm on Fall Break and I'm doing absolutely nothing!!  We had a great 3-day week at school.  My students were busy putting the finishing touches on their Trick-or-Treat Bag Book Reports in preparation for our Book Character Parade on Wednesday afternoon.  They were so creative with their bags and costumes!  Here are just a few of their costumes...

I finally decided to be Princess Elizabeth from The Paper Bag Princess.  It was the easiest costume to make!  I just bought a roll of brown packing paper, packing tape, a foam crown, and gold spray paint.  It took less than an hour to put the whole thing together.  I used charcoal eye shadow as "soot" on my face.  My students and fellow Robert Munsch fans loved the costume!


  1. LOVE it! The kids look great and so do you!


  2. That is so adorable (that book is really cute)! It looks like you all were having great fun! Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

    Live Learn Teach for Life

  3. This is great! What did you wear on the bottom half?