My Favorite Halloween Books

What are your favorite Halloween books?  I'm linking up with Chrissy at First Grade Found Me for her Halloween Books Linky Party.
I have so many favorite Halloween books!  Many of my favorites have already been posted, so I decided to do a few that you may not be as familiar with.
By the Light of the Halloween Moon is a great book with fun repetition about a little girl who is dangling her feet in the water while all kinds of Halloween creatures lurk beneath. I love the illustrations!
This Ed Emberley how-to book is such a fun way for students to learn to draw Halloween pictures.  I use it in my writing workstation during October.  Students draw a picture and write a Halloween story about it.
Nothing is better than a Gail Gibbons non-fiction book.  My students love them!!  This books teaches students about the Halloween holiday.
And last but not least, Pumpkin Moonshine.  Sylvie Ann and her dog, Wiggy, go to pick her pumpkin at the top of the hill.  The excitement begins when the pumpkin rolls down the steep hill.  Such a cute story!
Make sure you go and Linky up with Chrissy so we can read all about your favorite Halloween books!!


  1. I love Gail Gibbons and Ed Emberly, but I don't think I have every read either of the books. I can't wait to read them! I found you through the linky, and became one of your newest followers! I hope you can come by and visit!

  2. I'm so glad you linked up to the party. I can't wait to check out the first and last books you mentioned. I've never heard of them but they sound like books I'd really enjoy.
    First Grade Found Me

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