Post-it Dry Erase Surface Review

My classroom has many different areas for flexible seating. Three of those areas have tables of various sizes with dry erase contact paper on them.  These three areas are favorite areas for my students.  They love practicing math facts, vocabulary words, doodling, etc. on the tables.  The only problem is that the dry erase contact paper is a mess!

The dry-erase ink no longer erases, and students have picked at the contact paper so much that the edges are rolled up.  I'm always on the lookout for a better solution to the contact paper.  Post-it now has a dry erase surface, and I was asked by Office Supplies to review the product.
The Post-it Dry Erase Surface with Adhesive Backing comes with the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface, eraser cloth, and directions for hanging.
The first thing I noticed about the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface was how thick it was.  This is much different than the dry-erase contact paper.  I found the directions easy to follow.  Post-it suggests that two people hang the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface.  It definitely took two people to hang it!  The Surface measures 36"x24" and would be difficult to hang by yourself.  I decided to hang the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface on my classroom door because my walls are a rough cinderblock.  I was afraid this would ruin the Surface.

I placed the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface low enough for my students to be able to sit on the floor to write on it.  I was really happy with how smooth it was writing on the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface and how well all the ink erased.

Even colored dry-erase markers were completely erased from the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface.

I was definitely pleased with the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface!  My plan is to replace all of the dry-erase contact paper with the Post-it Dry-Erase Surface.  You can find the Post-it Dry Erase and other 3M products on  Shoplet also offers cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and office furniture.

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