Master Caster Product Review

I was recently asked by Office Supplies to review two products from Master Caster.  I'm always excited to review products that can be used in my classroom.  I reviewed  Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels and Dual Action MicrofiberGloves.

This may seem strange, but the Roll-Arounds Instant Swivel Wheels will be a wonderful addition to my classroom.  

I recently purchased the Kallax 4x4 shelf unit from IKEA (which is now on sale for $19.99 through January 10th!).  Once school resumes in January, I'm going to put the self-adhesive wheels on the bottom of the unit.  I'll be able to move the shelf around the room where it is needed.  I'll probably keep items like iPads, etc. that are used in multiple places in my classroom.

The wheels can be applied to many different types of furniture.

Each wheel has a self-adhesive patch that adheres to most smooth surfaces.  The four wheels hold up to 250 pounds.  The 360 degree swivel action allows the wheels to move in any direction.

The Microfiber gloves are perfect for using my cell phone outdoors during our cold Indiana winters.  They'll be great to use during outdoor recess!

 You can see the fibers in the gloves that activate the touch screen.  The gloves are very soft and can be used to clean the screen as well.
 I thrilled to now have a pair of gloves that are so easy to use with my smartphone!

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