Heavy Duty Hole Punch

I was recently asked by Shoplet.com Office Supplies to review the Master DUO Heavy-Duty Hole Puncher.  
When they say heavy duty, they mean it!  This is a very sturdy hole puncher.  It has the option of two hole punches or three hole punches depending on the side you insert the paper.
The hole puncher punches up to 20 sheets of paper at a time, and it very easy to use.  I've used hole punches where I've had to put my entire body weight on the machine to get it to punch through multiple sheets.  One push with the palm of my hand operated the hole punch.

The hole punch has a removable plastic chip tray that collects all of the chips and also provides a non-skid base for the hole punch.

I plan on using the hole punch on student brag tags.  Hopefully it will allow me to punch multiple tags at once.  It gets very tiresome punching each individual tag with my hand held punch!!
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