Pens and more pens

Reviewing items that can be used in my classroom is so much fun!  Recently Office Supplies asked me to review various pens from Pilot.  I was thrilled to do so because I knew I could use them in my classroom throughout the day.  My students love to write with pens!  It's almost like they feel like they're getting away with something when they do.  Students write with pen when grading their work or when writing a rough draft and I don't want them to erase.

 The pens I reviewed were Acroball Pro Hybrid Pens, Acroball Ballpoint Pens, Acroball Colors Pens, and the Dr. Grip Frosted Pen (they're so new, they're not even on the site yet!).
 The Dr. Grip Frosted pen is wonderful!  I really liked it because it was comfortable in my hand and the grip allowed me to control my pen strokes easily.  The girls in my class will love this pen!

 The Acroball Pro Hybrid pen is a medium point pen.  I prefer fine point pens, but this one worked well.  It contains a hybrid ink that is smear proof.  The pens come in three different ink colors.

 The Acroball Colors pen is also a medium point pen.  It writes like the Pro Hybrid pen, smooth and comfortable grip.  The pens also came in three different colors.
 The Acroball Ballpoint pen was my favorite!  It has a fine point which writes very smoothly.  I loved they way it felt in my hand.  I was really hoping the ink matched the pen color, but unfortunately all the pens had black ink.

Here is a sample of all four types of pens. You can find other Pilot products, medical supplies, and cleaning supplies on!

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