What are SlickyNotes?

SlickyNotes are the best thing since sliced bread!  Shoplet.com recently asked me if I would review several SlickyNote products from EcoStatic.  Being the poor teacher that I am, I said, "Of course!"  SlickyNotes are reusable dry erase boards and notes that can stick to any smooth surface!  Don't believe me?  Try the Ecostatic Beginner Kit .

The kit includes 10 WhiteBoard Sheets, one large SlickyNote Note Pad, and one small SlickyNote Note Pad.  All of them stick to any smooth surface and are removeable (the notes are stuck to my office wall which isn't the smoothest surface)!!

The Note Pads are reversible!

 The colored sides are permanent and the white sides are dry erase!

The marker erased easily with a paper towel, but dry erase cleaner can be used as well.  
The WhiteBoard Sheets measure 25X30.  These sheets have so many uses in the classroom!  I feel like I'll no longer be held prisoner to my group area with the easel.  I can move the WhiteBoard Sheets any where in the classroom.  I really think students will enjoy using them as well!  If you can think of any other use for the WhiteBoard or SlickyNotes, please let me know!  I would love to hear from you.
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