Oh Happy Day!

Any time you get brand.new.pens in the mail it's a happy day!  I just got six of the most wonderful pens in the mail today from Shoplet.com Office Supplies!  I review a lot of products from Shoplet, and I'm always thrilled with their useful office supplies.  The pens from Schneider did not disappoint either!

1. The Schneider Xpress is my favorite of all six pens!  This is a super soft pen.  It has a rubberized surface that makes gripping the pen very nice.  It writes very smoothly.  The ink is also waterproof!

2. The Schneider Slider XB is a thin pen.  If you like a skinny pen, this one is for you!  The waterproof ink dries quickly.  This is great for highlighting!  

3. The Schneider Memo XB is the perfect teacher pen!  The red ink is very smooth and dries quickly.  It has a rubberized surface as well.

4. The Schneider Slider Rave has the same rubberized surface as the other pens.  It has an hour glass shape which makes gripping easy.  The ink also dries quickly with this pen as well.

5. The Schneider Slider Edge is my second favorite pen.  I love the shape of this pen!  The barrel has a triangular shape that makes it very comfortable to hold.  The waterproof ink writes very smoothly.

6.  The Schneider Slider Memo XB 4 Pack is perfect for lesson planning!  The pens are just like pen number 3 but come in green, orange, purple, and pink.  If you like to color code your lesson plans, you'll love these pens!

Here is sample of each...

You can check out all the pens at Shoplet.com as well as other promotional products , medical suppliesand office stationary at shoplet.com!

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