Smead=Organization= One happy teacher!

Organization is the key to running a successful classroom.  The days that I don't feel completely prepared for or have misplaced materials for a lesson are always the worst days!  I'm always keeping an eye out for ways to stay organized.  My biggest area of disorganization is keeping track of papers.  Whether they are papers that need to be copied or papers that need to be filed, I am always laying them down and forgetting where I put them.  File folders help to keep me organized.  I was recently asked by Office Supplies to review some organization materials from SMEAD. (YAY!)
I reviewed their 12-Pocket Stadium File, 3-in-1 SuperTab Section Folders, and SuperTab File Folders.
I loved the Stadium File!  What a great idea!  It has 12 tiered pockets that can hold 900+ sheets of paper and file folers.  It comes with labels for the tabs (A-Z, months, household subjects, and blank labels).  The organizer is really sturdy.  It's like have a desktop accordion file at your finger tips. I plan on using it for my Friday planning.  I can add papers for copying, filing, and grading throughout the week, and they'll be ready for me on Friday afternoon when I prepare for the next week.

I have a slight obsession with file folders!  I'm a stacker (not a slacker).  File folders help keep my stacks organized.  I use file folders to plan my units.  As I start to gather materials for new units, I will label a file folder and start placing materials in the folder as I find them.  This makes is easy to access the materials when I'm ready for them and also makes it easier for me to file the unit for the next year.
I loved the SuperTab 3-in-1 Section folder.  These folders keep everything in place.  They have a Lockit flap that keeps all my papers secure (see photo below).  Pure genius!!  I also like the pockets that are included in each folder.  These are my new favorites!
 The SuperTab folders are also great folders to use because they have a larger label area.  It drives me crazy when the label of the file folder is covered by the papers in the folder.  This isn't a problem with these file folders!  I love the pink color, too!
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