Got Geckotech?

I was recently asked by office supplies to review several products from GeckoTech.  All of the products were items that I could use in my classroom so I was thrilled to try them!
The cinder block walls in my classroom are adhesive proof.  NOTHING sticks to these walls!  This gives me limited space to hang things.  I do have a wall of windows, several doors, and a wall of cabinets in my classroom.  I was excited to try to the GeckoTech Reusable Hooks (3 lb and 5 lb limit).  These hooks are amazing!  I tried them on my windows, cabinets, and white board.  They held without any problem.

The hooks have a microsuction synthetic rubber on the back that allows them to be used over and over again.  All you have to do is wash the rubber and let it dry before reuse.

I plan on hanging my hall passes on the door for students to grab on their way out of the room.
I also received packing tape from Duck.
There are several reasons I like this tape dispenser.  The first is the two guides that prevent the tape from sticking to the roll after each use.  This is such a time saver!  I also like the whisper quiet design!  I was a little skeptical about its ability to keep quiet as the tape was being pulled off the roll.  You all know the obnoxious sound that packing tape can make.  Seriously, this tape doesn't make a sound!!  Well worth the purchase for this perk alone!
You can check it out also with other promotional products and office stationary at!