I Heart Sharpies!

I have an addiction!  I'm addicted to office supplies, especially markers!  I love making charts for my classroom with markers.  So of course when I was asked recently to review Sharpie markers from Shoplet.com I was super excited!!

I reviewed their Metallic Permanent Markers, Neon Permanent Markers, and Premium Pen.  It was like Christmas morning in my house when the package arrived.  The one person who loves markers almost as much as me is my youngest daughter.  She was thrilled when the package arrived with a pair of plain white sunglasses for her to decorate.  

She used the metallic and neon markers to decorate the glasses.  The 5 neon colors are so vivid!  The ink is permanent and can be used on paper, plastic, glass, wood and leather.  The metallic markers can write on light surfaces as well as dark surfaces.

All the markers are fine point and non-toxic.  I can't wait to add these new colors to my anchor charts!
I was also asked to review the  Sharpie Premium Pen.  
I love the way it feels in my hand.  It's a very sturdy pen with a smooth, clean writing lines.  The smear resistant ink was perfect for my parent/teacher conference notices.
You can check these pens, promotional products, promotional shirts, and office stationary out at Shoplet.com.


  1. I heart pens, markers, chalk, any bright writing tools. So many to choose from! How cool the sunglasses turned out. Wow! I will have to try the Sharpie Premium Pen. A good every day writing pen is hard to find.

    2 Smart Wenches

  2. Ooooo! I love Sharpies too! I haven't tried the premium pen yet. I better check that out!