Smead Review for Shoplet

I was recently asked by to review some Office Supplies from Smead.  I'm always thrilled to review products that I can use in my classroom especially when the products help with organization! The products I reviewed were file folders, hanging file folders, and an expanding pocket.
The file folders are Smead's SuperTab Heavyweight Folders.
I liked the fact that they were heavyweight.  Most file folders are flimsy and bend easily.  I also liked the increased tab space on the file folder.  You can see the Smead folder compared to a competitor folder.  There is much more room to write on the tab.

The next product I tried were the Smead Fastab Hanging File Folders.  The cool thing about these file folders is that they come with tabs!  No more trying to stick the plastic tabs into the folder.


The box includes a label sheet that can be easily printed.  I'm using the file folders in a crate.  I have little space in my room for storage so I use crates in a shelf.  The file folders fit perfectly in the crate and will be a great place to file units.  The folders come in other colors too!

The third product that I reviewed was the Smead Easy Grip Pocket.  This pocket will be a great addition to my school bag to keep papers organized!  You can see it fits perfectly in my bag.

I usually just stuff my papers to grade in my bag so it's nice to have a pocket that fits perfectly!

Overall I was very happy with all of the Smead products that I reviewed.  You can also check out Shoplets Promotional Products and Shoplet UK.