Fellowes Laptop Riser... Every Bloggers Dream!!

I recently reviewed two Fellowes products for Shoplet.com.  The Fellowes Laptop Riser/Lift and Document Lift with Dry Erase Surface are both a bloggers dream!!
The Laptop Riser/Lift
This product is AWESOME!!  One of my main complaints with my laptop is that after working on a product or blog for an extended amount of time, my wrists are killing me!  The Laptop Lift solved that problem instantly!!  The lift has a curved design that serves several purposes.  It allows your laptop to keep cool during extended use, it enhances viewing, relieves head and neck strain, and in my case puts your wrist in a more comfortable position.  It is very lightweight and can support laptops up to 17 inches.  Here is a photo of the Laptop Lift from the front and the side.
You can see from the side view that the lift elevates your laptop a little over four inches!  It includes two tabs in the front that support your laptop and keep it in place.  I really do love this product!!

The Document Lift with Dry Erase Surface

This product is great too!  It has a 3-in-1 design.  The lift can be a document holder, dry-erase board, and a clipboard.  It can also be placed in a vertical or horizontal position.  I plan on using it at my guided reading table.  I can leave it in the stand for all students to see or remove it to work with students one on one.  It will be perfect for holding an papers that I want to display during my lesson.

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  1. This looks so cute and efficient. Do you know if it'll fit for this laptop - Lenovo z710? I want to make sure it can easily be placed on the stand without retrofitting it.

    Are you still using it Aimee?

    1. I use it for my 13 inch Mac Book and it fits perfect. Yes, I still use it. I love the angle it provides!