Using Asesop's 2nd Book of Childhood Adventures as a Mentor Text

I love to teach writing through reading!  One of my favorite ways to teach writing is through mentor texts.  I was recently asked to review the book Aesop's 2nd Book of Childhood Adventures by author Vincent Mastro.

This book would be perfect for teaching perspective writing.  Mastro has taken Aesop's well known fables and written them from the perspective of Aesop as a child.  Aesop is a cute little raccoon in the stories.  The stories all begin with Aesop's grandmother encouraging him to go out into the world to find answers for himself.  Aseop ventures out and tells the stories of "The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs", "Three Equal Shares", and "The Oak and the Grass" from his point of view.   He encounters characters along the way that help explain the fables to him.  This way of telling the story of these beloved fables helps children to understand the morals of the stories more clearly.  This book could lead into a wonderful writing activity. Students could choose another fable or fairy tale and become a character in the story.  Their character could tell the reader the story from an outsiders point of view.
Another wonderful piece to Mastro's fable books is his Common Core Teachers Guide for Books 1 and 2.  You can purchase it at Teachers Notebook.  A Book 3 is in the works!  You can find both books for sale on  Click on the pictures below to look inside each book.


  1. Thanks for some great ideas! I am going to check out these books for sure!
    Friendly Froggies

  2. The story book was so cool because it not just that the kids enjoy the story but also they learn lessons and teachings about reading comprehension. Real Datpiff Downloads