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Looking for a fun way to help students learn about the solar system, presidents and U.S. government, or states and capitals?   Rock 'N Learn has the product for you!  I was recently asked to review these three programs for my blog.  Rock 'N Learn has CD and book programs to make learning fun for kids.  I reviewed Solar System, Presidents & U.S. Government, and States & Capitals.
Each of the programs includes an Audio CD with entertaining songs and an instructional guide book.
Solar System
This program has 10 fun songs to help students learn the eight planets (Pluto is not included) and the sun.  Each song includes facts about each planet.  Students will learn the order of the planets through the song, Journey Through Our Solar System.  The full-color book is an instructional guide for teachers and also includes fun facts and pictures for the sun and each planet.  All song lyrics are included.

Presidents & U.S. Government
The 10 songs on this CD will help students learn the order of the 44 presidents by number and last name, the three branches of government, and about each president.  There are two songs dedicated to Presidents Washington and Lincoln.  The book includes the lyrics to each song, a president word search, and a short bio for each president.

States and Capitals Rap
Students will LOVE this CD!  It includes four rap songs: Learn the States and Capitals ( Rap the states in alphabetical order, followed by capitals), We'll Say the State, The You Say the Capital, Learnin' States and Capitals, and Let's Learn the States and Regions.  The book/instructional guide includes the lyrics to each song, fun facts about each state in alphabetical order, and maps of the united states by name and number (for quizzing students).

These three CDs are guaranteed to leave an impression on your students and they'll have fun at the same time.  I can't wait to use them in my classroom this year.
All three programs are on sale now through July 29th on Educents!!  The Fun Facts Bundle is 50% off regular price!  Click on the picture below to  get all three for your classroom!

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