Officemate Review

I'm always thrilled when I'm asked by to review products that they sell on their website.  I mean office supplies and teachers are like bread and butter!!  Recently I was asked to review two products from Officemate.  The first was the Officemate Recycled Rotary Organizer.
This organizer is perfect for my guided reading table.  I used to have a flower pot on my table that held my pens, pencils and paperclips.  It was cute but I was constantly knocking it over with my arm.  That's why I like the wide base of this organizer.  It makes it impossible to knock over.  The organizer has room for all of my supplies and more.  I love that it has a tape dispenser!  It is tricky to insert the tape roll correctly but once I got the tape in place, it works great.  There is also a flat area for post it notes.  Overall it is a very useful product!
The second product that I reviewed was the Officemate Portable Dry Erase Clipboard Case.
I had to fight every member of my family for this one!  My husband wanted to use it for soccer practice, my oldest daughter wanted to use it for school and my youngest daughter just wanted to use it for anything! I will be using it at the guided reading table with the organizer!  I love the fact that it has a dry erase board on the front.  Obviously I have to remove my plans to write on the board but it's nice to have it right at my fingertips!  The clipboard opens to a compartment that is perfect for paperwork like running records, fluency charts, graphic organizers, etc.  It also has room for my pens, pencils, glue stick and paperclips.  There are no cons for this product!!