New workstation jars!

Whew!  I'm getting better but I am worn out from spending half the evening adding my new items to my TpT store (I'll do my TN tomorrow).  Anyway, I just finished with another "Jar" station that I use in my classroom.  I use Number Jars in my math workstations.  The jars can be used independently or with a buddy.  Students can complete the "My number is..." worksheet, put numbers in order, play "war", guess my number or numerous other games to go with your math lesson.  Each download includes a materials/direction sheet, number cards, "My number is..." worksheet and a label for your number jar.  You can purchase the complete set of numbers 1-1,000 or sets of numbers in groups of 100.  Check out my TpT store to preview or purchase my Number Jar station!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog through a giveaway link.
    I am your newest follower. Heading to your TPT store to check it out.

  2. I love the idea of using jars and that they can be taken back to their seat and completely QUIETLY ;)

    I added this item to my wishlist and hopefully I will be buying it soon!! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Cute idea! We have awarded you The Lovely Blog award! Stop by our blog to pick it up :)

    -Katie and Lisen

    1. Wow!! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!